Our Story

VOVG was born out of the idea of using farming as a form of therapy. We are still seeing far too many of our veterans committing suicide and their families falling apart. 

As veterans, we are the ones who should be the most successful, driven, and motivated people this country has. 

Many of us carry baggage from experiences we have had while serving. Our family members may try to help, but the best people to help are our fellow veterans. 

Think about it; while on active duty, we were unstoppable warriors. There is no reason why we can't still be just as unstoppable.  

VOVG exists for several reasons. The biggest one is to connect veterans and their families socially so they don't feel like they are alone in this journey.  We focus strongly on agriculture in its many forms to help veterans become sustainable. 

Farming is hard work with long hours but, it also provides a peace and serenity that is more effective than any medication. Everything from raising chickens to craft work. We will do whatever we can to make you sustainable.  

There are far too many veterans who see suicide as the only way to deal with their problems. We are here to show them a different path. 

Helping veterans grow in a new agriculture mission for the benefit of themselves, their families, and the community. 

The best people around to take care of us is...US!!!